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What We Offer
We offer the latest  technology in Locating, Mapping, Drone and CAD Services. 

Why Choose SiteTek

Private Locating

We offer GPR, & RTK Mapping services. 

CAD Services 

Turn your RTK map into a CAD file for your Engineers  & your GIS records. 

Drone Services & 3D  Modeling  

We offer a variety of Drone and 3D Modeling services.



“With the help of SiteTek we were able to avoid and find utility's we didn't even know were in the ground! They saved us a significant amount of money and time. ”

Ian Fenner

Project Manager,

Ashley Corp.

"Sitetek has helped us with several high schools. They have located utilities accurately and found several things that were not on our plans. This has kept us on time and on budget"

Bradley Holeman

Project Executive,

Thompson Turner

"SiteTek helped us out when we were in a pinch to find our sewer force main and drainfields. Where others failed SiteTek not only Located but gave us great deliverables to make sure we could get the job done"

Clay Greene

Project Manager,

ADC  Egineering

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